Bmw r18 2020

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First unveiled as a concept in spring last year, BMW then brought us another concept and the engine before revealing its finished form this spring. Now, some 18 months later we took the finished machine on the Great Malle Rally: a mile journey from one end of Great Britain to the other. And what did we learn? The real centrepiece of the bike is the new cc boxer engine.

Out on the road, the suspension as a whole is on the firmer side and better suited to getting on with it, than dawdling along.

Retros driving progress: BMW R18 uses new tech in order to look old

Where the R18 seems to make the most sense is if you ride it like a giant R nineT. If nothing else, you have to commend BMW for building the R18 at all. In a world of tightening emissions and downsized engines, building not only a new air-cooled engine but their largest ever engine to date deserves some serious respect.

For those sort of people, this bike is pretty much ideal, even if it does fall a bit short in the gadget department. There really is no telling how well this will go for BMW but right now, it has all the foundations of an instant classic. Instead, it rides like a giant retro naked and seems to make the most sense when ridden hard. Fire it into a corner, haul on the brakes, shuttle it round scraping the pegs then unleash the big engine.

With the exception of riding up Hardknott Pass which it managed admirably by the way they never had such a great advantage so as to clear off into the distance. On the flowing A-roads of Wales and Scotland, it was in its element and for corner after corner I was left with an immovable grin. The most interesting chassis elements are going on at the back. The result is astonishing, although you never get the joy of watching it spin yourself.

Holding that cantilever in the air is a preload adjustable rear shock, which offers 90mm of travel from its perch under the seat. Besides, keep that single seat on and it will never be a problem. Glen Coe today! Out on the road, the suspension as a whole is on the firmer side with the damping far better suited to getting on with it, than dawdling along. The R18 is powered by the new cc boxer engine. BMW have worked hard to make it look classic, with the pushrods over the top of the cylinders, while also using modern engineering to keep it clean, such as putting the fuel injectors in the head rather than in the throttle body.

Every time you sit on it and glance down, your eyes are just sucked in by the huge cylinders and pistons bouncing around in front of your legs. Riding twisty roads is simply a case of leaving it in third, and it will pull from 30 right into the naughty numbers. The fit and finish of the First Edition is absolutely excellent. The pinstriping is done by hand, the black paint has just a hint of sparkle so it pops in the sun, while the enamel tank badges are pure s class. The real draw is the exposed drive shaft, which never ceases to amaze.

That said, at a tech day they showed us a disassembled test engine that had done 60, miles or so they said and it looked in good nick. An R18 in the UK comes with a tracker as standard and you can pay extra for an alarm, both of which should help keep the prices down.

bmw r18 2020

Service intervals are every miles, which includes oil, filters and valves.When was the last time a cruiser had such global appeal? Elements are almost art deco, like the R7 prototype from The fishtail exhausts mirror the R 5 fromthe exposed nickel-plated shaft drive is lovely, even the little manual chrome lever which activates a reverse gear is neatly tucked away optional extra.

In fact, the R looks like a one-off special, not a mass-produced bike which has just been wheeled off the production line. I really like it, and obviously, that huge air-cooled cc boxer is the king-pin which holds the design together and gives the R 18 such a distinctive image. So, is kg simply too much bulk? Have BMW managed to make cc rideable? We head to Germany for a mile ride to find out. There are two trains of thought here.

The other is that the price is justified in the quality, appeal and desirability of the new R Not only are you buying into the high-end BMW brand, but this is a completely new model forunique and huge — a lot of bike for your buck. Harley-Davidson has the Softail and Deluxe, which you could argue are the closest competition to the BMW, and both are considerably cheaper than the Beemer.

There is no hiding the fact that this is a huge boxer engine. Each cylinder has a The engine, including the gearbox and intake system, weighs Peak power is 91hp at just rpm and the huge This is the most torquey boxer engine ever used in a motorcycle, even between rpm there is over ftlb of torque. The on-paper figures are there to back up the visually impressive motor. But as impressive as they are, torque and power are slightly down compared to its American V-twin competitors.

Each protruding cylinder head is almost overpowering, it feels very alien to see so much engine whilst still seated on the bike. The right cylinder is set closer to the rider, as it sits further back on the crank which runs the centre line of the bike. When your feet are on the mid-way pegs, your shins are close to the huge cylinders, you can feel the heat in traffic, which on test proved beneficial, drying out my wet boots and jeans after a downpour.

It will be interesting to see how much heat is generated in the middle of summer in a warmer climate. Your right foot, covering the back brake, is almost directly underneath the cylinder.

The engine starts with a charismatic rock, and If you have never ridden an opposed twin before, it may take you by surprise. Each blip of the throttle pushes the bike to the left. Again, I applaud this quirkiness. At tick-over, around rpm, displayed on a digital clock, the bar ends dance around while the instruments vibrate slightly, adding to the appeal. It has character all right, something I was afraid BMW would dilute.

I know BMW must conform to Euro-5, and on large throttle openings there is a rumble, but from such a large, charismatic engine I was hoping for a little more. Peak power is at rpm but after that it tails off to eventually find a soft rev limiter just after rpm. Instead, simply short shift and enjoy the torque.

BMW R18 first edition (2020 - on) Review

The gearbox is smooth, but for me it feels like it need a heel and toe gearshift and footboards optional rather than standard pegs and gear lever. The revs noticeably drop when you change from fifth to sixth gear. It will happily pull from just over rpm in top but usually, at town speed, I was back to fifth. Sixth gear is noticeably tall, which is perfect for cruising. On the motorway at 60mph the big girl is plodding along at rpm.

At 75mph, revs increase a little to rpm, effortless and smooth.The current R series uses paralever rear ends: hollow, single-sided swingarms with a final drive supported by a torque arm. Inside the swingarm is a driveshaft that features two universal joints — one at either end. As the suspension moves up and down, the bevel box stays fixed relative to the motion of the driveshaft.

Because the pivot point of the swingarm is at the same point as the u-joint at the back of the gearbox, the driveshaft remains the same length.

bmw r18 2020

For the R18, BMW have thrown away 40 years of driveshaft tech and started again. To create the classic look of the R18, BMW have fitted a cantilevered rear-end.

2020 BMW R18 Price, Specs and Options

That means the entire rear-end is fixed, as if like a hardtail, and it pivots around one point at the bottom of the frame — at the top of the cantilever is a rear shock providing 90mm of travel. To get around this we have used a tripod joint — a motorcycle first. A tripod joint uses a three-pronged yoke attached to the gearbox output shaft with roller bearings on the end. As the suspension compresses and the wheel arcs upwards, the yoke spins at a constant velocity while bearings run in groves in the driveshaft, allowing the yoke to plunge down inside the driveshaft housing.

This enables the driveshaft to automatically adjust its length without any loss of power. The cantilever effect of the rear end also prevents any shaft jacking — clever stuff, eh?

Here's your first official look at the BMW R18 cruiser. The R18 is not only the largest and heaviest BMW to date, but also produces the most torque, too: a whole More impressive still is that ft of go is available from just rpm — why did they even bother with gears? Housing this whopper is a steel cradle chassis, akin to the classic machines, with a cantilevered softail rear end. The only downside to all this cleverness is that the bike weighs kg ready to roll, which is monstrous considering an equivalent Harley is a good 30kg less.

To begin with there are two models: a standard version plus the fancy First Edition, which is covered in chrome accessories and comes with a box full of 'cool dad' things including a trucker cap and a leather belt. And you thought Harleys were expensive The tyre itself looks to be a brand-new Michelin Commander 3, which has only just been launched and may well have been developed with BMW for the bike.

This will presumably mean riders just hit the little on button above the starter and go, like you do with a Harley.

The model seen testing has a bobbed rear end but still has provision for a pillion and bagger-style panniers fitted.

I think we have a good opportunity to grab a big slice of this huge segment. Even for their new markets and going right back into BMW history, the marque has always been about performance first and foremost, so the R18 seems like a departure; style over substance.

Our core business is about pace and performance, but we also look at convenience and connectivity with our scooters and then we have heritage with the R nineT. We are looking forward to it. The shape of the tank and frame come straight from our history.Long in the planning, the R18 owes its stylistic inspiration to the R5, a street model the company produced from to This provided the essentials: The boxer engine, double-loop tubular steel frame, exposed nickel-plated drive shaft, teardrop gas tank, fishtail exhaust pipes and signature black paint with double white pin stripes.

The bike draws its economic inspiration from elsewhere, and is the answer to a question many people have asked — many executives, anyway, if not many consumers. Like many companies, BMW has been wondering why Harley-Davidson dominates the cruiser market with what one BMW executive derided as a second-rate product — and trying to figure out how to take away some H-D market share.

The black is rich and deep. The look and feel of real metal abounds. There are no chromed plastic parts, anywhere on the bike. The fit and finish are BMW standard — superb.

The overall look is trim and clean. There are practically no visible wires or cables. The engine rumbles to life, roughly, with a push of the electric start, and then settles into a gentle purr. A flick of the throttle produces the signature boxer roll.

Horsepower and torque remain the same with all three. Only the delivery of power is altered. Slow-speed maneuvering required some concentration. Stopping at red lights and stop signs became tedious. The mid-central footpegs required my foot to come up, out and back before they hit the ground, as the big boxer cylinders prevented any forward movement. Parking was less of a challenge, because the R18 is fitted with a rudimentary reverse gear.

Put the bike in neutral, pull a switch near the left-side footpeg, and use the starter button to engage an electric motor that rolls the machine backward. The oil- and air-cooling system limited engine heat. For Southern Californians, anyway, this is an issue.This model stands entirely in the tradition of historical BMW motorcycles — both from the technical and design perspective.

It borrows quirks from famous models such as the BMW R 5 both technologically and visually. As for the styling, the classic design combines with clear-cut yet contemporary technology to create a fascinating overall concept. The engine is impressive in both the way it looks and it performs. BMW claims from 2, to 4, rpm over Nm of torque which is available at all times.

Just imagine how this 1,cc boxer twin engine would pull and sound. On top of this, like the legendary BMW R 5, the rear swingarm; sporting a comparable design; surrounds the rear axle transmission in authentic style by means of bolted connections. It is no coincidence that functional and stylistic elements such as the double-loop frame, the pear-drop tank, the open-running driveshaft and the pinstriped paintwork ex factory option.

Which are reminiscent of the legendary boxer dating back to The classic bodywork features of the BMW R18 are also made of metal — as befits an authentic classic.

This classic position behind the cylinders is not only typical of BMW, it also enables a relaxed and active riding position for optimum vehicle control. Instead, a telescopic fork and a directly mounted central suspension strut with travel-dependent damping and adjustable spring preload ensure superior wheel control and attractive suspension comfort.

Just like the legendary BMW R 5, the tubes of the telescopic fork are encased in fork sleeves. The fork tube diameter is 49 mm, while the suspension travel is mm at the front and 90 mm at the rear.

The suspension is likewise aptly reminiscent of the legendary R 5. Together with the double-sided swingarm and a cantilever suspension strut, the rigid-frame concept of the R 5 is perfectly transported into the modern age in visual terms. As for the brakes, the new BMW R18 braking system consists of a twin-disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear in conjunction with four-piston fixed callipers.

Meanwhile, the wire-spoked wheels ensure a supremely stylish appearance. The standard trim also includes ASC Automatic Stability Control, disengageablewhich ensures a high level of riding safety. Among other options, a reverse assist makes manoeuvring convenient, while the Hill Start Control function facilitates uphill starts. The new R 18 will be offered worldwide as an exclusive R 18 First Edition right from launch, with a standard model reserved additionally for certain markets.

It combines the R 18 look with exclusive equipment features in a classic black finish with white pinstriped paintwork.

The R18 is set to hit the dealers later this year in the US. Pricing for the other markets is not announced yet. We assume the bike would roll into the dealerships during the same time.

Follow up with us to get the exclusive update of BMW R18 price and launch date!First Edition Model Shown. The new R 18 invokes the history and the iconic hallmarks of the BMW brand. Be one of the first to get the R The choice is yours. The double striping and chromed design elements are characteristic of the First Edition, as is the logo. The basic version of the R 18 in Black Storm Metallic insists on purity.

The flyline is elongated and low. The double-cradle steel frame covers the powerful, sculpted engine that underlines the impressive presence of the bike.

bmw r18 2020

Riders also have a number of custom equipment options: the R 18 is scaled back to its core to allow for full customization. The high-quality machined engine housing cover made of milled aluminum impressively give the boxer engine an attractive look. The high-quality 2-Tone-black cylinder head covers made of milled aluminum perfectly give the boxer engine an attractive appearance.

The high-quality machined fuel filler cap made of milled aluminum adds a striking design highlight with its two-tone look. The R stands for boxers and has done so for over 95 years. Option Shown.

We have counted on the boxer since with conviction. The 1, cc two-cylinder boxer engine of the R 18 is the highest displacement boxer that BMW has ever built. It delivers a maximum torque of lbs-ft at 3, rpm. At 4, rpm, the Big Boxer delivers 91 hp combining its core tradition with modern technology for pure emotion on the road.

Even when you are not sitting on your bike. Home Models All Models Sport. Build Your Own. Share Share. Share this page. The new BMW R Soul is all that matters.

bmw r18 2020

Your style counts. To the configurator. R 18 First Edition The double striping and chromed design elements are characteristic of the First Edition, as is the logo.

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The new BMW R 18.

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BMW R18 First Review. Harley-Davidson Killer?

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