Lippert leveling system problems

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By lpfdonJuly 23, in Leveling. Suddenly my hydraulic sysyem has failed-jacks are down and slides out on my Monaco Safari. So I am stuck. But our dealer-Bella Vista RV-is sending a crew down making the three hour trip one way to fix the problem.

Reading up on this problem online it seems to be an ongoing problem with a faulty seal on the Lippert pump which allows fluid to leak into and burn out the electric motor.

lippert leveling system problems

Being that it is happening to new Monaco products there is no warranty. Yes, same problem, bad seal, motor full of oil, burned up motor, and of course it happened with the jacks down. Fortunately was able to download the emergency instructions from the Lippert site, and a fellow chapter member had a big drill and with the sockets and extensions I was carrying we were able to retract the jacks and.

I have a Astoria which I bought new. From the day I bought the unit I have had problems with the levelers. Then on this trip the front jacks would not retract and finally it was decided the motor had malfunctioned so they agreed to replace the motor but I had to pay for the labor!

Now when the rig is on the jacks there is a noise which sounds like an electrical contractor pulling in and out but it does not happen for any discernible reason. I have tried without success to trace the noise with no luck and I think it is the jacks dropping ever so slightly. I haven't been in touch with Lippert with this new problem as I can't identify exactly what the problem is.

Since that time I have had a problem with the hydraulic lines leaking, not at the fittings or connections but the black rubber or plastic covering of the line itself. I have notice that after being set-up on campsite for a day or two that if I check to see if I'm still level the panel will show me not level.

So I think that I'm losing pressure through the line sheath, The lines don't drip with oil, they are wet with to the touch.

I don't know if your problem could be related to the linesbut I thought I would add my issue to the discussion to see if anyone has heard of it. I have a Tuscany 45LT that just came home from dealer servicing many warranty issues. It had been there for 9 full weeks. Wonder if it would be possible to retrofit the system with a Power Gear pump and manifold should Lippert leave you high and dry?

Had to replace the original hydraulic lines on one of our coach's while in Alaska, a HWH system. They do not use anything but Goodyear degree material up there and it came at a price, but I was able to replace them myself. The positive side was we never had another leak or line failure. Traded it on a new coach in and wish I had remover them before turning it in.Shop Now. Lippert Components has developed a range of leveling and stabilization solutions to enhance every RV set up.

It can take up to an hour to get an RV level with manual jacks, chocks and wedges. Ground Control saves you time by leveling and stabilizing the RV in a matter of minutes, and prevents annoying rocking and swaying at the campsite.

Ground Control TT levels and stabilizes the travel trailer in a matter of minutes and features hitch height memory. Uneven ground can cause a lot of problems and other leveling systems can stress and twist the chassis, damaging slide systems, sidewalls and windows. The four-point Power Gear Hydraulic Leveling System levels and stabilizes a motorhome in just a few minutes using one-touch, automatic or semi-automatic leveling.

Power Gear Motorhome Leveling enhances the overall camping experience by preventing annoying rocking and swaying at the campsite and can accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes from Class A to Class C units. At 27 inches of stroke, the 13K Patriot Jack offers a great compromise above the typical industry standard of 24 inches of stroke.

Our 13K Patriot Jack offers single and dual jack packages. The dual jack package offers the user the ability to operate each jack independently or both jacks simultaneously. For Dealers. Find a Dealer. Automatic Leveling Find a Dealer. Next level RVing. Ground Control 3. Motorhome Leveling The four-point Power Gear Hydraulic Leveling System levels and stabilizes a motorhome in just a few minutes using one-touch, automatic or semi-automatic leveling.

Patriot Jack At 27 inches of stroke, the 13K Patriot Jack offers a great compromise above the typical industry standard of 24 inches of stroke. Ground Control TT and 3.

Patriot Jack Sell Sheet.RV leveling jacks are essential for a sturdy and safe stay in your Lippert slide room. If the leveling jacks on your slide-out give you trouble when you set up camp for the night, there are a couple things you should inspect when troubleshooting to find the issue and come up with a solution. In this lesson, Steve Albright walks you through a quick demonstration to teach you what to look for in order to get your RV leveling jacks back in working condition.

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Automatic Leveling

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Gold Upgrade to GOLD membership and get unlimited access to our entire library of premium RV repair and maintenance videos, receive discounts on DVDs, video downloads, and classes in the shop. Description RV leveling jacks are essential for a sturdy and safe stay in your Lippert slide room.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram.We've had an issue with our landing gear slowly drifting down while traveling. We're on our 3rd time of having this issue diagnosed and repaired. Last July a selanoid was replaced along with one of the hydraulic hoses, last week another hose plus some gaskets, this week they are still trying to figure out what is causing the issue.

We can't seem to repeat the issue when we're at the shop, but last week after we thought it was repaired, we stopped nearby for the night and the next day we didn't even make it 20 miles down the road before one of the landing gear was a foot down.

lippert leveling system problems

So frustrating, the shop is running yet another diagnostic test, looking at Lippert's schematics, etc. FT - July Dale and Ruth Travelling with Tazzy Kat!

Hydraulic Leveling

If not, then I would suspect it is a check valve in the pump area manifold. Is it all or just one of he legs? Perhaps he will chime in with any direct information. As an aside, as recommend by Quadra, I lubricate all the jack legs, the pistons, with pure silicon spray which you can find on Amazon. I spray and lightly wipe down the cylinders. The don't move. I know you will post when you find the problem. We had similar problems with our Teton that we were never able to diagnose.

It was a Lippert stabilizer system. We had more than one person tell us that it might be air in the line but we were never able to get it taken care of.

There were many times that we hooked the trailer up to move but couldn't get the jack to stay up.

lippert leveling system problems

It would just slide back down. Eventually I found that it sometimes helped to run the bedroom slide in and out a couple of times. That's why I think maybe the procedure that Rick and Janice described might be helpful. The fluid will just bleed back into the reservoir and the jacks that are bleeding off will appear to have been retracted like you are describing.

I would re-level the rig, mark the fluid level in the reservoir and then measure the extended potion on each jack and either mark the jacks or write down the measurement.

Then check daily to see which jacks are retracting by how much and also check the fluid level to see if it rises as they retract.

If fluid level rises. Also check for any leaks around the top or bottom of each ram with a white rag or paper towel red fluid on towel indicated outside seal leak. Good luck in getting it taken care of. Just a quick note. Bill's mention of our trailer settling did not involve the cylinders leaking down.

Since we sit in one place for long periods, things naturally settle into the ground and thus need re-leveling. Thanks for the correction. It's been a long time since that post.

Not sure how this will work, but I'm a member over at SOITC and just did a search with the search phrase "hydraulic" to see what I'd get. I'll post the link here to see if you can get to see the different topics on hydraulics.Quick Links. Rear Jacks. Rear Sensor. Front Landing Gear. Power Unit.

Assembling and Mounting the Valve Blocks. Hydraulic Hoses. Wiring the System. Touch Pad. Purging the System. Zero Point Calibration. Unhitching from Tow Vehicle. Auto Level. Hitch Recognition. Preventive Maintenance. Manual Override. Wiring Diagram. Plumbing Diagram. Rev: Table of Contents. Page 3. Washer Removing the bolt could result in damage to the cylinder.

Bolt www. If that is the case, measure for the modifications you need to make to the jack brackets. Page 5 Make sure to avoid any hoses or wiring that may be in the leveling jacks, bundle them together with the harness for the welding area.

lippert leveling system problems

Page 6: Rear Sensor Fig. Use six bolts and nuts to attach the jack to the mounting bracket Fig. Page 8: Power Unit Fig. Connect the retract hose to the retract UP side of the power unit, and then to the JIC fitting on the retract valve block closest to the power unit, Fig. Page 9: Wiring The System. Your kit should include harnesses for the entire cartridge valve and coil assembly that is installed on the lead system.

If it does not, contact Lippert Components to have the landing gear, Fig. Page 10 9-pin and a 6-pin, and the other will have eight Wood Screw color coded wires.In this free video lesson, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick explanation to teach you how you should troubleshoot when you discover RV leveling jacks not working properly on your rig.

He shows you how to diagnose the problem, then introduces a few tips for finding a solution for your HWH leveling system. One particular user who emailed in about this issue said they had cleaned and oil their hydraulic system, but the growling problem still persisted. However, Dave believes just about all will steer you away from using any chemicals other than WD Silicones and cleaning agents such as Dawn dish soap can worsen the corrosion and render your system irreparable.

So what you should do is spray the system well with WD and then wipe clean. If the problem of RV leveling jacks not working persists, go to Lippert and pick up a cylinder kit to start fresh. Click here to cancel reply. Dave, My Fleetwood Southwind has grease fittings at the bottom of the cylinder. I just pumped some grease into to them. Will that hurt anything? What kind of fluid should I use in the system reservoir?

According to the Power Gear manual, they recommend the following:. Mercon V is also recommended as an alternative fluid for Power Gear leveling systems operating in environments with large temperature swings. For cold weather operation, fluid specially-formulated for low temperatures may be desirable:.

H hydraulic fluids are recommended for cold weather operation. The grease fittings are generally designed to add a small amount of grease to disperse moisture in the cylinder so it should be good.

One Jack refuses to retract. Previously somebody said a fuse blew…replaced it and it worked. What suggestions do you have for resolution of the problem. I have a Tiffin Allegro Open Road.

My left rear leveling cylinder will not stay down. I replaced the solenoid valve, and it worked for a couple of days and the started creeping back up. Can anyone give me some ideas of what to look for or at? There are a few possible causes.RV level jacks play an important role in not only keeping your RV in a comfortable orientation, but they also keep you safely set in place. Certain RV appliances like absorption refrigerators and generators also work better when they are kept in a properly level position.

We will also explore some of the potential problems that could cause it. At the very least, a little added troubleshooting can reduce the amount of time it takes for a professional technician to effect a more permanent fix.

So here what should you do when your RV's leveling jacks not working. If you happen to already be parked in an RV park, there might be someone in the main office or around the campground who has experience with this sort of thing.

This is one of those simple things that are easy to overlook. A fuse or breaker could have burned out or tripped which prevents power from going to the system that operates the leveling jacks. If possible, try following the wires connecting the leveling jack system to the electrical panel.

Of course, the campground might also want you to be out of your site by a specific time because someone else has reserved that same spot for their vacation. There are different types of level jack systems. However, most have some form of the emergency override. First, you need to find the hydraulic control unit. Also double-check to make sure no people, pets or belongings are under the RV. If you have a spring retracting jack, you might need to use a board or another first-class lever to pry up on the jack.

If you have a power retraction system, you need to make sure the valves are open before prying up. With these motorized units, the two center valves are responsible for controlling the front jacks. You will need to open the center valves very slowly. Once all four jacks are fully retracted you should be able to safely transport the RV to a repair shop. If for some reason they feel excessively loose, or you are in any way afraid that they might fall down while driving you might want to give the feet a few good wraps of duct tape, just for good measure.

Even if the jacks retract and stay confidently in place, you should still consider taking it to a repair shop. Sometimes the problem is a simple fix like a loose wire, other times it can be something far more serious which requires professional intervention. Depending on where you are, they might even have someone on hand who is knowledgeable with RV repair, or able to refer you to the closest certified repair shop in the coverage network.

If anything, they should be able to get you out of the campsite you have reserved at the RV park, so the next person can take that reserved space. Lippert Systems are a competitor brand in this niche and they tend to operate a little differently.

The following questions and examples can help you troubleshoot a problem with sometimes more complicated Lippert Systems leveling jacks. Time out errors is not uncommon with malfunctions that apply excess force on the system. This will clear the message from the digital display, allowing you to try again. With some Lippert System leveling jacks, you can unplug the side of the valve body and the system will retract.

This is one form of emergency override for a moment such as this. You should be able to find the valve body on the side of the coach, motorhome or fifth-wheel camper. Just keep in mind that this is a temporary measure meant to let you break camp and get back on the road. You should still seek out a certified repair technician to thoroughly diagnose and repair the problem.

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