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This is a list of notable reclusesindividuals who shun society and most other people. Excluded are religious hermits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. The Guardian. Rolling Stone. The Washington Post. Retrieved 14 February University of Illinois at Chicago. Archived from the original on 14 December Donnithorne, Eliza Emily — Australian Dictionary of Biography.

Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 18 April The Sunday Times. The Independent. BBC News. National Portrait Gallery. Chicago Tribune. He may be Brazil's foremost recluse. The Star. The reclusive genius kept the behind-the-scenes aspects of his life tightly under wraps and was even rumoured to have fired a cleaning lady for her loose tongue. Retrieved 21 June So, for those of you trying to decide on a career or make a career change, what are some ideal low stress jobs for introverts, Highly Sensitive People, and even empaths?

When determining the best low stress jobs for introverts and HSPs, it might help to first examine what makes a job stressful. There are countless factors that can make you feel stressed or anxious at work.

reclusive people reddit

Here are a few examples:. Noise driving you nuts? This is the best noise cancelling machine to use in the workplace! Any jobs that encompass these points could make it onto my list of low stress jobs for introverts and HSPs. You can craft your workspace to be comfortable. It seems perfect, right? Now, I am responsible for my income. Me and only me. Check out this post. My biggest issue with self-employment is that work does not seem to end. Yes, you might reply to some emails from home or whatnot, but for the most part, you know your work responsibilities for the day are over.

Not so with self-employment. Overall, the point is that self-employment has positives and negatives to be aware of. So, when considering careers and low stress jobs for introverts and sensitive folks, keep this in mind. There is no way to make a perfect list. One software developer might love her job and another might hate it. It depends on many factors. I tried to select careers that are somewhat self-governing and independent. Jobs with flexible schedules are good, too. Introversion and high sensitivity often get lumped together.

I am a scientist and it is perfect for me most of the time. The thing that is hard to handle is conferences! I am a dietitian which made the list and I am reading this article as I find my job stressful. I have patient appointments all day and have to keep up with charting And phone calls which feels never ending.

Thank you for hour comment. Because I was just looking at the dietician part. Totally agree with Rachel! But yeah, as Rachel points out, downsides include networking, conferences, pitching new project ideas, being asked to give talks, etc.

Can be quite unnerving….Sia takes reclusiveness to a whole new level. Sia has chosen to do this after learning the hard way what fame and stardom can do to a person. After going through a troubled time, she reinvented her career writing songs for others before becoming a solo artist again.

I stay at home. He may be one of the best actors in the world and a multiple Academy Award-winning star, but this celebrity likes to keep to himself and is notoriously known for it. Daniel Day-Lewis is very selective when it comes to which roles he takes on, particularly because of the amount of time and research he puts into them.

However, last year he retired after playing in The Phantom Thread and now lives a quiet life on his acre farm in County Wicklow with his family. He could easily switch from being the center of attention for the cameras to a shy and reserved man when away. Sadly he passed in This American stand-up comedian instantly became popular with his controversial jokes on racism, relationship problems, social problems, politics, current events, and pop culture.

For almost eight years, the comedian retreated to his home in Ohio with his wife, two sons, and daughter. Although he made a comeback inappearing on many shows and releasing his own special on Netflix, he still tries to keep a low profile. He also made an appearance in the recent film A Star Is Born.

reclusive people reddit

Who would have thought the same guy that jumps from building to building and saves lives also likes to lay low? When the Spider-Man trilogy came to an end, Tobey Maguire took a backseat to stardom and flew under the radar of Hollywood gossip.

reclusive people reddit

He rarely gets cast in movies anymore and focuses more of his time on producing films rather than being in them. Eventually, relationships within the band began to deteriorate and Stone became a solo artist. But Sandra Bullock rarely shows her face and likes to keep a very private life with her boyfriend and adopted children in her Austin, Texas home, as well as her New Orleans residence.

Eminem was a major rap sensation from toreshaping the music industry and giving the genre a new face.

The Stories Behind The Reclusive Celebrities Who Avoid The Spotlight

However, apart from his 8 Mile movie and revelations in his song lyrics, what else do we know about the rapper? We know he had an ex-wife Kim and a daughter whom we only know the name of, but other than that, Eminem has remained a stranger to the media. He especially became reclusive in when his closest friend died, barely ever going outdoors. Being one of the highest paid James Bond actors, you would be surprised to know that Daniel Craig manages to do a good job of avoiding the media.

Residing in his New York East Village apartment, this actor is often seen wearing a hoodie and sneakers, trying to avoid the riff-raff of crazy fans and paparazzi. Apart from appearing on the red carpet, Craig could almost be underground he is so low key. If you are about the age of 20 or older, you will have certainly heard of Julia Roberts.

However, the name is slowly dying out because Roberts has become extremely recluse. While her long acting career made her an undisputed A-list superstar, over the past 15 years or so, Roberts has slipped away from the spotlight.

She married cameraman Danny Moder and they had three children together, spending most of their time in their New Mexico home.

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She does about one movie a year, a vast difference to her past. He then discontinued offering his work for publication in and spent over half a century living a private life.

When Did Your Correct Logic Confuse Stupid People? (r/AskReddit Top Posts - Reddit Stories)

While his shunning of public attention made him seem a burn-out to the media, millions of his fans and readers saw it as being for the sake of his art. However, his life took a turn for the worse and into a spiral of substance abuse. One year he was involved in a major car accident while under the influence and after he was arrested he left Virgin Records.

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Humans are curious creatures and sometimes have more questions than answers. Over the centuries, however, we've accumulated quite a bit of knowledge. So if someone needs a quick fix of information, they can always open the Bible or an encyclopedia. Or Reddit. Want to know how to make friends?

Best ask Reddit! Or what was ruined because too many people started doing it? Funny Reddit users will answer! If you're not afraid of slipping down the Reddit advice hole, check the compilation below at your own risk - you might get addicted to these top Reddit questions and answers quickly.

So, scroll down to get the answers and upvote your favorites! Cover image: Russell Neches. This post may include affiliate links. SATexas1 Report. Titanosaurus Report. Cracked me up so hard i got in trouble in class for laughing to loud and was getting a number of looks. This is so funny but so smart at the same time! McGician Report.

I believe this must be pounds, and then it would be kgs to 81 kgs. Does not sound bad!Stories about people dying and coming back to life grab our attention in a way that few other things do — and a lot of it has to do with what people see during near-death experiences.

And for many of us, they are endlessly fascinating. Exactly what a near-death experience is sort of depends on who you talk to. I wonder if they could be both: That is, whether NDEs can have both biological elements and spiritual ones. After all, your belief system shapes how you view and process the world; as such, even if an NDE is, from a technical standpoint, your body reacting to trauma, your belief system might also shape how you perceive the experience itself. Just black. The other is a state of pure peace [and] happiness, seeing loved ones and basking in the light.

I wouldn't have the awareness to do so. Here are 15 stories drawn from a variety of threads and subreddits about NDEs showing the wide range of things that people see during brushes with death. Check out these other sources for more. Not exactly comforting for anyone who was hoping that there's something beyond the proverbial veil, but oh well.

According to one study fromwe experience time slowing down during accidents due to our cognitive processes becoming "rapidly enhanced," which distorts "the relation between the temporal properties of events in the external world and in internal states.

I'll be honest: I am not totally sure whether or not this comment is just trolling us. But while we're on the subject, have you heard that fan theory about Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy? The one that posits that all the characters are actually dead? It's weirdly fascinating. Think of this one as a companion to the first one on this list: "Nothing" isn't necessarily scary.

Not all NDEs are this detailed, but some certainly are. If you have an NDE like this and feel detached and depressed afterwards like this Redditor says they do, you might think about visiting a therapist ; they'll be able to help you work through whatever you're going through. OK, technically this one isn't about what the Redditor saw during their NDE, but about what they saw after it.

It's still eerie, though — and although I'm sure there's a rational explanation for it, I'll be damned if I know what it is. According to The Atlantic, an out-of-body experience is one of 16 possible elements of a near-death experience according to the Greyson scale — the scale developed by Bruce Greyson, who was one of the first doctors to study near-death experiences, as a way to describe the intensity of an NDE.

The scale scores each element from zero to two and then adds them together; a maximum score is An experience that scores as seven or higher is an NDE according to the Greyson scale. Interestingly, a number of commenters responded to this one by noting that it sounded a lot like what they experienced while they were on DMT which is both a naturally-occurring compound in the human body and a lot of plants, and an illegal drug.

It's not uncommon to see friends, family, or other loved ones during an NDE; according to one study fromthey're a "comforting" part of the dying process.The more I deal with the issues, hangups and demanding personalities of people is the more I can understand the benefits of a reclusive lifestyle. They will act as though they are concerned about you but in actuality they only have their eyes on the prize.

Now do understand that money is not the only resource that these leeches will attempt to snatch from your possession. There is so much more than mere money that is of value to them if you have a proven track record of having a kind giving heart. Your ear can be what these people want if you are the type to allow yourself to be held up just to be nice to a person who is seemingly in a depression or going through a bad time. This is the key, as we get older we tend to see life differently as our years on this earth come down to a close.

As I stated in the first line of this blog article mentioning the phenomenon of issues, hangups and demanding personalities, you have to be leery of these slow burning energy drainers and never be fooled at the source of them even if it originates from your own family or close friends.

The trusted categories and familiar positions that people hold so near and dear in our lives can become the Trojan horses that become rotten and evil behind the masks and have the perfect position from which to inject their hangups into your life as your own! Now I am not calling women whores by saying that but it is a position that people will put us in by trying to make US feel guilty for having some semblance of discipline in our lives to reap the benefits of those worthy attributes.

Because you will become that designated never ending mental, physical and spiritual ATM that will be expected to be on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Until somebody knocks! Let me tell you what you need to do either permanently or temporarily, adopt the methods of being reclusive from the bull crap! I mean, what are you going to do otherwise?

So many people think that by shying away by being reclusive is a sign of weakness or giving up. Be elusive to the time wasters and reclusive from their presence. Cultivate what it is for YOUR life that the divine commands you to accomplish on this short time that we have here on this earth. Know that to engage in the foolish time consuming idiosyncrasies that they seem to possess an unlimited supply of is only taking you off course from YOUR destiny. You will be free to hear His voice in the same manner that you are free after a hard days work to walk around your home with your clothes off in that special stress free manner, and I KNOW you can identify with THAT good feeling!

reclusive people reddit

Once you master the art of living reclusive behind closed doors, the next level is to be able to maintain that state of being even if you are in a stadium full of screaming fans at a sporting event or around those negative based coworkers whose only conversation is about how bad their workplace is or how terrible it is to have to even be there!

I have personally mastered this reclusive state of being even WHEN I am at work around the public like I am on a daily basis. I am only there just enough to get the job done but can hardly repeat anything that has happened in the workplace because I am not even there. This preserves me and enables me to see the beauty that is around me instead of the imaginary shackles that those strange negative based entities attempt to place around my neck through their loud statements and words designed to draw me in to some kind of confrontation.

I am too far gone with feeling good talking to God and being connected to the Holy Spirit that those folks at best appear to be mere shadows that the light within me shines out to banish them from my psyche.

While in our personal growth we can sometimes find ourselves up a road that is not conducive to our positive development, that reclusive quiet lifestyle will quickly bring us right back on point so never allow yourself to be pulled OUT of yourself. Why so many ways to get the word out on the benefits of reclusiveness? Sorry about that BZ!

List of recluses

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Low stress jobs for introverts and sensitive people

Take a second to support LanceScurv on Patreon! October 07, October 04, October 02, Are you a recluse or depressed? Being a recluse can be a sign of depression, and depression can result in being a recluse. Here are ten signs of what it means to be a recluse. If you call yourself a recluse, you can be making an excuse for your depression. Even though a recluse can be productive, isolation reeks depression.

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