Salvaged roof tiles

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Aesthetically Appealing, Affordable, Available Renaissance Tile and Slate is one of the largest and most reputable full-service tile and slate roofing companies in the United States. We strive to meet and exceed our client's expectations with our knowledge of historical and current roofing materials, quality of the materials available, selection and overall customer service experience.

Not only do we reclaim and provide historic roofing products, but we also work closely with most major manufacturers and quarries throughout North America and overseas! Clay Tile Roofing. Concrete Tile Roofing. Natural Roofing Slate. With stock accumulating, we have a substantial supply of slate immediately available for your local and regional roofing projects. We can ship most orders within a matter of hours.

Do you have old roof tile for sale?

Contact Us Today! With the residence being deconstructed piece by piece, extra attention and care was put into the removal and handling of this slate. Egpu bootcamp slate sets the standard in overall appeal and texture for a reclaimed roof that will last for another generation. View Our New Inventory. At Renaissance Tile and Slatea significant portion of our business is our ability to reclaim and purchase good and intact tile and slate roofing systems throughout the United States.

Most commonly, Renaissance Tile and Slate salvage crews travel to locations within a several hundred mile radius to physical remove these materials form each roof, bring to the ground, package into crates and truck back to one of our locations in the Midwest. Along with our own resources to reclaim, we also work closely with roofing contractors, demolition contractors and deconstruction companies in efforts to remove, package and ship.

Finally, we also purchase left over materials new or reclaimed in large and small quantities. These materials are sold to us by home owners, contractors and other sources throughout the United States. Learn More. Renaissance Roofing. Renaissance Roofing, Inc. From maintaining historical and structural integrity to delicate slate and tile work, our expect teams continually provide superior craftsmanship.

Renaissance Tile and Slate has one of the largest physical inventories of new and salvaged clay tile, concrete tile, natural rock slate, and man made slates throughout the United States. Click Here To Email Us.Our sales and salvaging service can save you time, and often times earn you a little extra money for you old material.

Depending upon the condition and usability of your roof, our professionals are able to salvage your old materials for use on another project.

If you are planning to replace an existing roof, remove an existing structure, or plan on throwing away old tile, we will inspect the tile for possible purchase and removal of your tile.

Many pieces of tile and slate are extremely durable and can be used on other projects. Please contact us for an estimate on the job. Please contact mary raleighroofing. Natural slate has been proven to be durable and to last for many years. The slate instillation method also provides the versatility to create a wide array of design styles. There are many clay tile products and Raleigh Roofing has many resources to acquire and match these different varieties of clay tile available across the nation.

Clay roof tiles are a great option for new projects or refurbishing an old roof, and they enhance the aesthetic appearance of a roof. Wire Scored Cap and Pan Concrete Roofing While concrete tile options are very protective for a homeowner, and provide a versatile design aspect, they may not be as valuable for marketability as the options above.

Concrete tiles are usually a cheaper, more affordable tile roof option. Brown Wire Scored Shingle Tile. This type of roofing material is for sale by the square. Available nationwide. Please Call For an Estimate. Please Call For An Estimate. All tile material offered for sale from Raleigh Roofing is available for shipment nation wide.

If you are interested in any roofing removal or salvaging, please contact us for location information. Raleigh Roofing will focus on local salvage and removal within the Denver, Colorado area. Please help us recycle valuable materials, contact us today! Roofing and Restoration Tile for Sale - Salvage and Removal in Denver, Colorado Recycling is one of the best ways for people to lend a hand to their community, and promote reusable material production.

Roofing is not often thought to be a recyclable item, and the majority of owners tend to throw out their roofing material. Our professional staff can help you with your roofing salvage and removal. We also offer tile for sale for new construction or remodeling projects. Slate Roofing Natural slate has been proven to be durable and to last for many years.

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Clay Roofing There are many clay tile products and Raleigh Roofing has many resources to acquire and match these different varieties of clay tile available across the nation. Concrete Roofing While concrete tile options are very protective for a homeowner, and provide a versatile design aspect, they may not be as valuable for marketability as the options above. Red Heinz Spanlock Tile. Red Ludowici Spanish Tile.M ost of our roof reclamation projects are located in Colorado, which is where we base our primary operations from.

Logistically, it is not feasible for us to travel great distances to remove an old tile roof. We will, however, be happy to provide you the guidance necessary to properly palletize and get ready for shipping the roofing tiles you have reclaimed. At that point the used roof tile is much more marketable and we are more likely to consider its purchase. If we do not purchase it we can refer you on to others like ourselves who may be located in your general area.

Contact us Salvaged tiles that have been separated and properly palletized will of course bring a higher price. Another important factor is whether the associated trim roof tiles that were on the roof were properly salvaged and available. I f you have a collection of old roof tiles, either small or large, on the ground and in disarray, we are still interested in taking a look. Very often collections of old tile begin to get in the way.

They are hard to keep neat, take up space, and often end up getting broken into pieces. We are interested in your tiles and if it is of value to us, we will provide the pallets and labor to sort, palletize and ship out a messy roof tile collection. Again, it will depend on the type of salvaged roof tile we are dealing with. In the long run, whether we purchase it or we pass it on to another for purchase, we hate to see history or historical roof tile tossed out.

We will do whatever we can to see that someone, somewhere, can salvage your old roof tiles! We are interested in your used roof tiles and if it is of value to us, we will provide the pallets and labor to sort, palletize and ship out a messy tile collection.

T he Roof Tile Guru has been reclaiming historic and obsolete roofing tile for decades. With much of the tile that remains available for salvage, it is imperative that the tiles we obtain are carefully checked, matched, and separated to assure that only quality usable tiles are available for resale or incorporation into restoration projects.

Roof tiles that have failed to function, or show obvious signs of product failure, are culled and not taken into inventory. Most often, however, the trim tiles associated with these tiles are salvaged as the process of manufacture is quite different and the trim is inherently stronger. W e are pleased to offer our "Featured Roof Tiles of the Month" section for those of you who may have large or small quantities of old salvaged roof tile for sale.

If it is not something that we have a need for we will be happy to help you sell the roofing material. We will determine the potential for the sale of your historic or obsolete roofing tile and post your photos of the tile on our website for selected periods of time. We will need to know the quantity of the field tile, any trim tiles available and the quantity of the same and good, clear photographs of the roof tile.

We prefer to have some that show how the reclaimed tile is situated at the time of posting. The rest is easy and we will field all inquiries. We only ask that if you sell your old roof tile before we can that you notify us so that we can offer others the same opportunity that you received. Here are some questions to ask and some points to consider when selling your used roofing tile:.

First of all, is it a roof tile that is marketable? There are many tiles which, given the cost of salvaging and the lack of demand, make them undesirable. But even these tiles are occasionally bought by collectors. Secondly, is the tile on or off the roof? We salvage roof tiles from both places.

Vincent H. Hobson Email: Vin ce ctr vin ce.Whether you need tiles for repair or restoration, we have many matching discontinued tiles in stock. If you have obsolete roofing tiles, no worries, Tile Roofs Inc. Custom manufactured interlocking clay end band and detached gable rake pieces in shiny green color finish. Custom manufactured interlocking clay end band and detached gable rake pieces in matte green color finish.

Wire scored fittings manufactured to match Miffin-Hood Dresden Interlocking tile roof original fitting in center. These are just some of the discontinued clay, concrete and mineral fiber cement roof products we have in stock for immediate shipment.

To identify your tile and see if it is available, please email us a close-up photo of the front and back of the tile along with the over all length and width dimensions and let us know the quantity needed.

salvaged roof tiles

Fire-Free fiber. Venetian Roll Tile. Monier Gory S Tile. Pioneer Palema Tan Tile. Integra E Old Type. Hanson Regal S Tile. Pioneer Palema Moss Green Tile. Coma Cast Caltera S Tile.

Nordic Bender Tile. Boral Lifetile Flat Tile. Custom Tile Custom manufactured concrete tile on right with existing tile on the left. Custom Concrete Tile Custom manufactured concrete tile on right and existing tile on the left.

Custom Tile Custom manufactured 7"x15" clay "Provincial" shingle tile. Custom rake pieces Custom manufactured interlocking clay end band and detached gable rake pieces in shiny green color finish. Custom rake pieces Custom manufactured interlocking clay end band and detached gable rake pieces in matte green color finish.

salvaged roof tiles

Maxitile P tile Maxitile P lightweight concrete tile roof panel. Duntex tile Duntex flat tile. Duntex Spanish Tile. Entegra Flat Tile. Entegra Pioneer Estate S Tile. Hanson Hacienda Tile. Imperial Spanish Tapered Turret Tiles. Interbeoma Tile.

Lifetile Concrete Tile Discontinued Lifetile concrete tile in stock. Marley Concrete Tile Discontinued Marley concrete tile in stock. Mifflin-Hood Dreseden 20 squares. Mineral Fiber Cement Shingles 8" x 16" Mineral fiber cement shingles in stock. Monier A Tile. Monier Concrete Tile Discontinued Monier concrete tile in stock.You tore down a building and salvaged the slates.

Or you tore off a perfectly good slate roof because a roofing contractor talked you into it. In any case, you now have a pile of good, salvaged roofing slates that you want to sell. Well here's a bit of advice — when you call a company that buys salvaged roofing slates, you need to give them the following information before they're going to know whether they want to buy your slates or not: 1 Size — What is the size of the slates?

People call and say, "Well, it looks like they're maybe ten inches wide and maybe 15 inches long. Exact measurements are necessary. If the slates are thicker than that, the buyer needs to know that too. Are all the corners square? Is one end rounded?

Are two corners cut off at an angle? This is important information. Most companies want lots of at least and preferably thousands if they can get them. The quantity has to be large enough that a buyer can do something with them other than paint on them, like repair or install roofs.

If you want to sell them for arts and crafts, run an ad in the local paper or on Craigslist. Mottled green and purple? Sea green? No serious buyer will commit to buying slates without knowing what type they are. Here is a roof slate identification page. Are they good and hard? Are they flaking and falling apart? Do they have paint on them? Roof cement? Rust stains? Are there holes in the face the part of the slate that shows on the roof?

If the slates have any foreign material or holes on the face, they're rejects and worthless. Are they still on the roof? Are they on the ground?

Are they in pallets on your truck, ready to deliver? Do they have to be picked up? Are they hundreds of miles away, or right around the corner? The buyer needs to know this information. That may be because the prices can be all over the place. If the buyer has to take them off a roof, his labor and insurance costs will be high and he will have paid handsomely for them before he has given you a penny.

Size, shape, condition, type, location and quantity all affect the price as well. Odd sized, odd shaped slates in small quantities are usually worth least. Don't pile them up flat like a stack of dishes.Then it's a good thing you found us.

Scroll Down. Straight from the manufacturers, we sell all types of their roof tile for newer homes! Our biggest task, and the main focus of the company, is to search for all rare and discontinued roof tile. With an ever-expanding inventory, including hundreds of unique tiles, we have just the fit for your roof! With an expansive stock of roof tiles, and a consistent influx of product, we do our best to fill any order, no matter how big! From the moment you drive into our boneyard, our roof tile experts will guide you to a perfect match for your roof tile.

With extensive knowledge of all sorts of rare and discontinued roof tiles, we are the ones who will get you the right match! To make your trip quicker, bring a sample tile or pictures and check the manufacturer stamp on the underside of your tile.

salvaged roof tiles

Here at Vintage Roof Tile Sacramento we pride ourselves on our reputation. Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive inventory of tiles used not only in the Sacramento area, but California as well as much of the United States. If you are having a hard time finding the right tile for your roof, look no further! You can check out our inventory page using the button below. Unable to make it to one of our locations? Not to worry, we deliver!

Contact us by phone, text, or email and one of our managers will walk you through the process. Thanks for submitting! Are you looking for.

Roof Tiles From Recycled Plastic

Brand New Tiles. View Inventory. Vintage Tiles. Read More.Reclaimed Roofs, Inc. Our company supplies matching slate and tile for repairs and additions as well as large quantities for new homes and buildings. We can furnish unique looking roofs that give a structure an immediate historical look. Reclaimed is a word you may not hear often. The Webster's dictionary defines it as follows: "to recover for use from refuse or waste material".

This definition inspired the name of our company. Simply put, most of material we provide has been saved from an unnecessary trip to the landfill. There are several synonyms for the word reclaimed that you may have heard when discussing roofing slate and tile, such as used, salvaged, recycled, obsolete, historic, antique and vintage.

So, if you are looking for roofing slate, clay tile, concrete tile or rigid mineral fiber shingle with any of these descriptive words attached to it, we can be of service to you. Please contact us to discuss your slate and tile needs. Doug Cochran, Owner.

Your Unlimited resource for slate and tile. Submit a Photo Looking to match a few pieces or a an entire roof? Selling to Reclaimed Roofs Have reclaimed tiles, slate or fittings? Let us know. Testimonials Read what customers are saying about Reclaimed Roofs.

The Original Green.

salvaged roof tiles

Photos Pictures of work done with materials supplied by Reclaimed Roofs Inc. Reclaimed Roofs in a Nutshell. Monthly Featured Product.